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This will come as a bit of a bore to Canadians. It’s kind of like me pointing out the heinously obvious and saying things like "Gareth Pugh is a young British designer".  It’s the same with Greta Constantine, who was the highlight on Toronto Fashion Week and has been on Project Runway – the Canadian version. 
And so Canadians will cry "Well duuuuuuuhhhh…!  We all know about Greta Constantine… that’s old news!".  However, I’ll post for the benefit of non-Project Runway Canada watchers.
It’s probably even more glaringly obvious since Coco Rocha has been endorsing the guys with quotes like "“Lets just say we have got a few talented designers out there that are going to be the new best things. Look out for the boys from Greta Constantine: they are a new favorite of mine and will soon be a favorite of yours.”
That’s the sort of talking-up that will put all eyes on the guys behind Greta Constantine.  I’m intrigued by their ingenious use of seat belts, neoprene and the sort of brash sexy tone that designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong are setting in a climate of new designers that are more conservative. 
Wong has worked on costumes for films like Chicago, The Last Day of Disco and American Psycho and there is a touch of the dramatics in his work that flares up in the structure, the fabrics and styling of this F/W ’09 collection, which for some reason is split into two different lookbooks. 
They’re also stocked in Harrod’s in London at the moment, which just goes to show how slow I am on the uptake. New favourite?  Not sure yet, Coco.  But it certainly deserves recognition beyond Toronto Fashion Week.