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The most buzzed about part of Vivienne Westwood’s Fall/Winter 2009 show was that Pamela Anderson — after appearing in this spring’s Vivienne Westwood advertising campaign — walked the runway.

I am still taken aback by the choice of Anderson as Westwood’s muse and truly feel like she does not do Westwood’s clothing justice. I understand that Westwood may be looking for some spunk to spice up her line, but I don’t feel that Anderson particularly fits the mould of crazy, fun, insolent punk diva that I associate with the designer.  

That aside, I was uncharacteristically disappointed with the haphazard collection the designer showed this season.

The collection was called  +5° because, as the program notes detailed, “somewhere between 400 ppm and 500ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere the earth will settle down to a new equilibrium of 5° hotter than now.

"Our luscious comfortable world will be gone. What is left will support hopefully 1/5 of the population."  Nearly every look seemed to be a thrown together layered jumble, but without Westwood signature eye-catching silhouettes and awe-inspiring construction and draping.  

Unlike the usual disheveled punk look that Westwood has mastered, there seemed to be nothing fresh in the mess of fabric – it’s was hard to tell where one piece ended and another began.  

Amidst the prints and color their were some noteworthy bias dresses, capes, blazers, and sleeping bag / wide color coats that were not only beautifully made, but wearable.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.