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Italian fashion has been known to be outrageous and Scognamiglio’s Fall 2009 collection is no exception to the rule. The collection had a vast amount of looks that did not seem ready for this world. Outrageous shapes and horizontal pleating almost looked like they belonged in an aquarium while gathered draping and bubble shapes managed to still reveal a woman’s sensual form.
Following the shoulder trend, Scognamiglio showed looks reminiscent of a futuristic space suit while still maintaining a vintage quality. A few knit favorites with gold detailing got the eye of retailers along with the over-the-top millinery that could have been displayed in a museum. Now that’s Italian fashion!
Is that Princess Lea’s gold bikini? Shoulders are taken to great heights in an angular shape for a futuristic look while still maintaining wearability.
A new take on the tuxedo shirt? Organza blouses get amplified in bold horizontal pleating and ruffled shoulder embellishments.

Shiny and short dresses are draped into masterpieces with an abundance of fabric while still managing to remain sexy.  
Millinery marches on! Hats are reminiscent of a European army from a time long ago with a modern twist.
Gold is a hot commodity right now and Scognamiglio wants it. It was seen laminated on a tweed dress, constructed into a power dress and molded into a metal boot.
Amazingly enough, none of the models seemed to have any fashion mishaps while wearing the Avante Garde collection this season. However, the shoes did give them a few slip ups!

Images excerpted from the Fashion Spot forums.