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It’s somewhat hard to imagine being excited about the cold weather when spring is just around the corner. However, Pringle of Scotland makes the prospect of bundling up in a cable knit sweater and cashmere scarf delicious. Fall 2009 is when the label shines and gets to be creative on what it does best, knitwear. Although the color palette was limited to greys and golds, the textures varied from feathers to soft wools and even silky sheens. A few pieces in rainbow feathers and tangerine fur were interesting yet seemed out of place and didn’t really fit with the collection’s general aesthetic.
A cashmere loop skirt paired with a tailored wool top added a unique texture to a traditional silhouette.
A soft wool sweater paired with tailored trousers and an “oh so cuddly” feather trimmed scarf looked both pulled together and comfortable. 

A classic cable knit sweater dress was modernized with a fur trimmed sleeves.
An oversized grey cardigan with “leaf like” embroidery looked warm and inviting.
The overcoats were short and chic with a slight menswear vibe in shades of grey and charcoal.
Feathers, although a fashion trend, seemed a little out of place as shown in a  short jacket and bubble skirt.
Sick of the snow? I don’t blame you. I’m already clearing out my wardrobe making room for spring dresses, but I do know what I’ll be lusting after come fall 2009.
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.