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Timing is everything, and in the current light of these uncertain times, Christopher Bailey decided to focus Burberry’s F/W 09 collection on what it does best – outerwear.

Bailey proclaimed, "A collection should have a point of view. Burberry is outerwear, and that’s what I’ve worked on here, from the casual shell of a trench to luxe furs.”

The collection had strong British influences, specifically circa the twenties and thirties British Bloomsbury contingent and their arty, yet intellectual aesthetic. 

In a subtle color story consisting of black, grays, browns, and dusty plums, Bailey told a beautiful tale of British chic at its finest. 

The main characters of this story, were (as he poignantly divulged) the outwear, with pieces like the suede trench (a wonderful modern update to the Burberry signature), oversized shearling jackets, a plethora of furs, such as Persian lamb and long-haired goat, and of course that classic khaki Burberry trench.

Under the outerwear shell, one found high-waisted cropped pants, easy-going low waist slung dresses, calf grazing skirts in Donegal tweeds and satin, portrait silk-screen tops and dresses in mesh and silk worn over thick grey stockings. 

Additionally, accessories such as the Burberry Plaid backed fur neck warmers.  All in all, there were many easy, wearable pieces that in uncertain times will certainly rack up some nice sales for Burberry.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.