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21 Questions with…Jewelry Designer Venessa Arizaga

I fell head over heels for Venessa Arizaga's designs back in June when I stopped by a press preview and spotted her Fall/Winter 2012 Taco Night bracelet. I immediately requested an alert for when it launches so I could place an order and have been gleefully sporting it ever since. Sold at meccas like Bergdorf Goodman and worn by a slew of A-listers including Natalie Portman, Arizaga's quirky designs are hard to resist. Here, the jewelry designer answers our 21 questions.

1. When I get dressed in the morning…I strive for a natural, yet sophisticated look.

2. The clothing item I'm currently wearing the most is…my father’s army jacket. 

3. The most meaningful piece of jewelry I own wedding necklace, which my husband gave me on our engagement day along with the ring.

4. The best gift I ever received is…the gift of love and support from my husband.

5. When I'm looking to get inspired I…look for inspiration in everything – periodicals from the past, books on any subject, and current happenings in fashion and accessories. 

6. My guilty pleasure is…Real Housewives of New Jersey or any horrible television program on my day off. 

7. The one electronic I can't live without is…my iPhone.

8. If you looked in my refrigerator you'd always find…vegetables for juicing, white wine, and rum. 

9. If you looked in my handbag you'd always find…a Moleskine notebook, a selection of fine tipped pens, and scissors.

10. My beauty essentials are…a black eyeliner and a matte red lipstick.

11. I can't start my morning without…strong coffee!!!

12. My favorite drink is…I just got a juicer recently –  it's called Hurom and I'm obsessed!

13. My current favorite song is…anything from Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

14. On a typical Saturday night…I have dinner with my husband at Almacen in Williamsburg, movie at Night Hawk Cinema, and drinks at Matchless Bar. 

15. The city with the best shopping is…home. New York City! We have EVERYTHING!

16. The one store where I'm always guaranteed to find something I want is…Opening Ceremony and Barneys. 

17. The best style tip I ever got…"Never leave home without heels" — Carolina Herrera.

18. I love New York because…it's been my home all my life. It has everything I need to keep the inspiration and creativity flowing. 

19. My biggest jewelry pet peeve is…I guess I'm not into spikes, but I still admire many designers that work with them.

20. When I want to relax I…adore massages.

21. I wouldn't be caught dead in…anything too constricting from head to toe.