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Tracy Reese Spring 2012 Runway Review

Tracy Reese is one of those brands where the ideal market is hazy. It’s not contemporary or classic American sportswear, but more commercial. Reese’s customer base is wide and loyal but unfortunately, retail success doesn’t always translate well to a runway presentation. The collection showed wide range and individual pieces that are sure to be big sellers, but the running order and styling reflected a lack of cohesion in the presentation.

Her typical bohemian vibes were toned down this season and replaced by retro resortwear. There were whispers of some of this season’s emerging trends such as sheer, neon, sport, and suiting but when sent down the runway with jaunty hats and parasols (who really wants to wear a parasol?) the successful pieces were lost amongst the peculiar styling. Standout pieces include the lingerie inspired finale dress, sans parasol, and a cold shoulder shirt with a tropical print and black collar. This is a great example of a designer whose retail success affords them the luxury of a fashion week presentation but it isn’t really necessary. The team behind Reese should try another format, such as a tableaux vivant, because if styled correctly, there is potential for the collection to look less forced and more appealing overall.