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Forum Buzz: Prada Casts Some Fresh Faces; Taylor Momsen Still Looks Slutty

Prada Fall 2011 ad

Prada Loves Launching Models

It’s no secret that Prada loves to start trends and be on the cutting edge of what’s new and different. This is the case in the way they design their clothes and in the way they cast their models. Many  young models have had their careers take off after being cast to open and close Prada runway shows or star in their ad campaigns. With their Fall 2011 campaign, photographed by Steven Meisel, Prada has once again cast some fresh faces. Featured in the campaign are Frida Gustavsson, Ondria Hardin, Kelly Mittendorf, and Antonia Wesseloh.

Prada fall 2011 ad campaign

Antonia Wesseloh and Kelly Mittendorf for Prada Fall 2011

Some forum members became instant fans of Kelly. Squizree wrote, “That girl has Prada all over her face… I had never heard of her before now, but I'm totally in love with her!” Psylocke felt the same, adding, “I had to look her up because I had no idea who she was. Such a unique and interesting face! The campaign looks quite stunning so far!”

Prada fall 2011 ad campaign

Ondria Hardin and Frida Gustavsson for Prada Fall 2011

Not everyone was so instantly enamored though. For some forum members, it’s going to take a bit longer for this campaign to grow on them – if it ever does. Ives927 criticized, “What a terrible campaign. A bunch of young and expressionless girls lounging around. How exciting. I don't see what is so spectacular about this. This makes last season's look like the best campaign ever. At least it had a better cast, in my opinion. These girls look way too inexperienced for my taste. Such wonderful collections with great creative range for advertisement and Meisel continues to produce lackluster and uninspired results.”

You can't please everyone, but Prada seems to have worked out a successful formula with all that they do.


Bonnie Wright for Haute Muse July 2011Ginny Weasley Looks All Grown Up

Her name might not actually be Ginny Weasley, but most people would know Harry Potter actress Bonnie Wright as the little sister of Ron Weasley (and Harry’s love interest). This month, styled by Victoria Adcock and photographed by Jonas Bresnan, Bonnie appears on the cover of Haute Muse magazine. While it may be a stunning new look for Bonnie on the cover, all the makeup and old-school mall “Glamour Shots” styling may be skewing a bit old.

“This is a really strong cover but at the same time she could pass for being 40 years old,” posted Aqua Tofana.

YoninahAliza wrote, “Wow I almost didn't recognize her on the cover [of] the magazine. Loads of makeup. I really love the eye makeup she's wearing, it makes it pop. As for the lipstick I can't decide if I like it or loathe it. I like the color but perhaps she's just wearing too much of it.”

Luckyduck thought it worked. “She's one of those people who can pull off a lot of makeup and still look amazing and not… slutty or something,” she wrote.

I’m wondering what “or something” entails, but whatever it is, I’m glad Bonnie’s not it.


Taylor Momsen for Samantha Thavasa

Taylor Momsen for Samantha Thavasa

Someone who does look “slutty or something” with a lot of makeup on (her clothes, or lack thereof don’t help either) is Taylor Momsen. Though far from demure, her outfit at a recent Samantha Thavasa event in Tokyo was a bit more wholesome than usual. Her dress length can only be described as crotch-grazing, but at least there were sleeves and a high neck to offset the overabundance of leg.

Despite the more tame showing, pavonine couldn’t resist yelling out, “She looks like a hooker!”

Pengy was a bit more forgiving. She wrote, “Nothing too special but in her case still an improvement!” LuellaLuella sort of agreed. “This is suuuuuuch a huge improvement but still bad,” she posted.

Somehow, I agree with all three of these forum members. Sad that even when she improves upon her usual style, Taylor Momsen still manages to look like a lady of the night.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.