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Neiman Marcus Launches New Concept Stores and Discount Site

New Yorkers can’t complain too much because we do have Bergdorf Goodman, but while there were rumors a few years ago that one would open in the Bloomberg building, we’ve always been deprived of our very own Neiman Marcus. Worse yet, no matter where you live in Manhattan, there is no access to a Last Call Clearance Center without a car and a fair amount of travel time. That all recently changed when Neiman Marcus launched an e-commerce site for Last Call and new concept stores called Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus.

So far, the Studio stores are located in Dallas, TX, Rockville, MD, and Paramus, NJ. While Last Call Clearance Centers are stocked with merchandise from Neiman Marcus full line stores, catalogs, and merchandise from Bergdorf Goodman, as well as directly purchased merchandise and are primarily located in outlet centers outside of major metropolitan areas, the Studio stores are located in towns and stocked exclusively with direct purchase product. Average price points in the Studio stores are less than half of what is offered in full line Neiman Marcus stores so expect to find mostly contemporary brands (Vince, Joie, DKNY, Juicy Couture, Anne Klein…), and an assortment of casual, everyday closet staples offered in a variety of colorways and styles. This is markedly different from Last Call where price points are higher, there are a lot more luxury designer brands offered, and sizes and colors are limited (think of Studio like Ann Taylor and Last Call like Gilt).

Ironically, however, the e-commerce off-shoot for Last Call,, which launched in October reflects the Studio stores more than it does the Last Call ones. The site is comprised primarily of products purchased directly from vendors and consists mostly of contemporary brands. I attended an event recently to learn about the new site and picked up some interesting tidbits:

  • The best day to shop Last Call is Tuesday because that’s when merchandise is replenished.
  • There was a promo event on the site recently where all orders received an extra 40% off their total. You can now, through May 31st, get 30% off your total order.

After the event, I went home and played around with the site for awhile and they have an impressive selection of everyday wear. They seem to still be working out some kinks as I noticed that when I clicked on a few of the brands – namely the luxury ones like Emilio Pucci and Moschino – I got an error pop-up and was not shown any merchandise. I’m also a bit disappointed that you have to pay for shipping and returns (though their current promo event includes free shipping through May 31st with the code LCMAYFS), but all that said, I did take advantage of the extra 40% off that was being offered at the time and stocked up on Neiman Marcus-branded button down shirts for my boyfriend and a bunch of Mad & Mac undergarments which feel and look just like Hanky Panky’s assortment, but only set me back $6 per pair of underwear.