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Elene Cassis S/S 2011

For her debut collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Elene Cassis chose to look to architecture and interior design for inspiration with a special nod to a classic 1960s aesthetic.

“Architecture and clean interior design was my inspiration for this collection. I am creating a bridge between architecture and textures. I am also accenting the negative space in my clothes with the strong dramatic colors of acid green, orange, and deep purple,” said Elene Cassis.

When emerging designers have a debut collection during fashion week, many go outside of their comfort zone and try to impress writers and editors with complicated, fussy collections that lack cohesiveness and focus.

Elene Cassis wisely stayed within the parameters of what she does best, creating simple, classic clothes that accentuate the feminine silhouette.

There were several great looks in this collection, and Cassis dressed women at every juncture of their day. 

There were some well-constructed dresses that had geometric patterns in ideal spots to show off a woman’s curves. The mustard jacket with black leggings and the A-line dress with geometric shapes outlined in bold colors were great looks that cut across age demographics.

“Everything in this collection is about vertical and horizontal geometric shapes. And for the splashes of color in this collection, I drew from Mondrian’s use of negative space,” confided Cassis.

With Elene Cassis, less is more, and that less was fashion forward, executed brilliantly.

“I love the simplicity of well-designed clothes,” said Cassis. When a women walks in a room and wears a beautiful garment that is well-designed but simple, she actually stands out more.”