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Tim Morehouse: From the Bronx to the Bright Lights


Only in New York City can someone go from teaching junior high school to winning an Olympic medal to shooting fashion editorials with noted fashion photographers such as Nigel Barker.

Tim Morehouse’s yellow brick road has led him from the Bronx to Beijing, to red carpets in the Big Apple, but it doesn’t stop there.

I first met Tim Morehouse at a red carpet event a few months ago, where he stood out. His verbal eloquence distilled his academic pedigree, and his physical composure dictated that he was athletic.

What I did not know about Tim was that he is an Olympic silver medalist in men’s sabre fencing, and a Wilhelmina model.

Unlike most handsome celebrities who frequent red carpets, Tim does not have that rehearsed ‘photo-op’ smile, nor does he speak in scripted sound bites. His visage has a quiet, assured grace that comes from real accomplishment and honest confidence.

Now don’t get me wrong, Tim Morehouse is not camera shy. Like any new celebrity, he loves the attention, and is working his moments of fame to his best advantage. However, Tim is a new brand of male model/celebrity who uses his intelligence and natural grace to enchant and charm.

“My background in fencing has been a good segue into modeling,” says Tim. “I am more than just a handsome face." 

"I happen to be an Olympic athlete and a motivational speaker, so from a human-interest perspective, my background makes good copy and attracts the average male consumer, who may have never given much consideration to what he wears.”

Using polo player and Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras as his role model, Tim is making the public take notice of a sport once thought of as the province of noblemen and kings.
Tim confides,  “Unlike basketball or football, fencing is not on television very often, so you have to do things outside of fencing to bring attention to the sport.”

That said, to advance his modeling career Tim has had to make some adjustments to his general appearance.

“Wilhelmina has given me feedback on things I need to do to get more modeling gigs. I never thought about having my eyebrows shaped, but now I get my eyebrows threaded, and I have to say I like the look. I have also been working out more, which helps with fencing and modeling.”

Alhough Tim is sometimes still paired in editorials with his sabre and fencing habit, some designers are beginning to request Tim for shoots where he flaunts his classic, all-American good looks in upscale menswear.

Recent editorials and features in Vanity Fair, Gotham Magazine and Esquire, testify to the fact that Tim is successfully making the transition from sports model to a fashion model who can translate a designer’s aesthetic vision.

With his sights on the 2012 Olympics, a book deal, endorsements, and fashion editorials in the works, Tim Morehouse proves that in NYC hard work can pay off in some very interesting ways. “Right now I am trying to build a sustainable brand, and fashion is facilitating that endeavor. I’m having a great time, and enjoying the ride.”

 Photos courtesy of Chiun Kai Shih and