8 Morning Pick-Me-Up Foods That Are Better Than Coffee

By now, you’ve probably mastered ways to look like you got eight hours of sleep, even if you were burning the midnight oil. Knowing how to conceal puffy eyes and perk up lackluster skin can do wonders to ward off that well-meaning but offensive query: “Are you sick?” (Just of everyone telling me I look tired, thanks!)

But knowing how to hide tired eyes doesn’t help your sluggish mind when you have a crack-of-dawn wake-up call. Any night owl will swear by the effectiveness of coffee to stay awake during office hours, but truth be told, too much caffeine can be bad for your health. It can increase anxiety levels, encourage insomnia and cause digestive issues. If you’re thinking of quitting caffeine altogether, here’s the good news: You don’t have to force yourself to be a morning person. We found these amazing foods that will instantly perk you up every morning, no caffeine required.

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