Mind-Blowing New Sex Toys You’re Definitely Going to Want to Try

Even if you are mostly satisfied with your sex life, an influx of smart technology in sex toys has made it easier to supercharge your orgasm. From traditional devices that now offer a vast variety of different speeds and settings to travel-friendly sizes that make pleasure-on-the-go less stressful than boarding a flight, it’s no longer a faux pas to tinker around in the bedroom. In fact, it’s encouraged by experts who desire to inspire a new generation of sex-positive lovers.

“There is something so naughty and tempting about these toys, which makes people even more passionate in the sheets,” explains sex expert Collen Singer. “Thanks to millions of open-minded and horny people out there, this particular market is constantly evolving. There are new exciting products in sex shops every year and this year is no different.”

Whether you’re sharing with a partner or flying solo, here’s a look at the best sex toys for 2018, straight from the sex experts.

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