21 Questions with… The Outnet Fashion Director Eve Thomas

Eve Thomas

Photo courtesy of The Outnet

Sifting through racks upon racks of luxe high-end fashion is every girl’s dream, right? Well, for Eve Thomas it’s very much a reality.

As the Fashion Director of one of the world wide web’s biggest and best online retailers, The Outnet, the Fashion Journalism graduate produces aspirational styling with pieces from the likes of Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Proenza Schouler and Saint Laurent, to name a few.

Not a bad gig, if you ask us. We threw 21 quick-fire questions Eve’s way to find out all about her day job.

  1. A normal day for me looks like… a scramble between balancing my responsibilities at work and at home. It can be exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel very privileged to be both raising a family and doing a job that I love.
  2. Online styling is different because… you have such a wide a variety of brands to play with. At The Outnet we stock over 250 brands so our styling spans everything from casual, off-duty looks for brands like Isabel Marant and Helmut Lang to elegant occasion wear by Valentino and Marchesa Notte.
  3. My all-time favourite luxury brand is… Chloé. If I could only wear one designer for the rest of my life it would happily be Chloé.
  4. My top styling tip would have to be… to break the rules. And to make up your own.
  5. One thing I would never be caught dead wearing is… Crocs. They are not permissible on anyone in my opinion. Not even small children.
  6. Trends are… fun! Think of them as the cherry on top of your otherwise classic and chic cake.
  7. One thing I still don’t understand about the fashion industry is… why it is so often seen as shallow and superficial. I have had the privilege of working with a range of amazingly talented and incredibly professional people over the years. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to succeed in this industry and I think that is often underrated.
  8. My guilty pleasure is… watching mindless TV. Keeping Up With Kardashians, House of DVF, Fashion Bloggers.You name it; I watch it. Much to my husband’s dismay.
  9. The most expensive thing I’ve ever bought was… my wedding dress, which seems incredibly silly in hindsight given that I will never ever wear it again. That and the fact that the dry cleaners promptly ruined it.
  10. The biggest ‘pinch me’ moment in my life so far is… working with Naomi Campbell as a guest judge on her TV show, The Face. The supermodels were my idols when I was growing up so to be working with her all these years later was quite a surreal moment.
  11. My friends think my job is… probably far more glamorous than the reality.
  12. I would never leave my house without… my iPhone. I’d be lost without it.
  13. One thing people may not know about me is… that I’m actually Bermudian and call a tiny little island in the middle of the Atlantic home.
  14. My biggest goal in life is… to make my daughter proud and set her a good example.
  15. I’m happiest when… my daughter laughs. Nothing makes me happier than hearing her raspy giggle and seeing that toothy grin.
  16. The one thing every girl should own in her closet is… a little black dress. Find the perfect one and it will work harder than anything else in your closet.
  17. My favourite place in the world is… home.
  18. One day I will… get that Chanel 2.55.
  19. If I had to choose between online or bricks-and-mortar shopping I would… always shop online. Nothing is more convenient and what bigger luxury is there than convenience these days?
  20. The Outnet is a great place to work because… no two days are ever the same. And I get to work with some of the most beautiful clothes in the world.
  21. The best life advice I’ve ever received was… “Find a job you love and you’ll feel like you’ve never worked a day in your life.”