Makeup Artist Jessica Grumley Diversifies Portfolio for a New Life in Paris

Jessica Grumley

Photo: Luke Stambouliah

With over 10 years in the industry, Jessica Grumley has worked with the best of the best as a hair and makeup artist. She’s painted the faces of top models like Jennifer Hawkins, Valentina Sykes and Valerija Erokhina, plus actresses like Isabelle Cornish and Charlotte Best, and worked for big-name labels like Aurelio Costarella and Hugo Boss.

Although her career in Australia was booming, 27-year-old Jessica decided to pack it all up and take it abroad to Paris with her fiancé, Lucas Berullier, who was also enjoying work as a model down under.

Jessica Grumley and Lucas

Photo: Instagram

While it sounds a little cliche moving to Paris for love, Jessica tells theFashionSpot that it was the natural progression for the couple’s professional and personal direction.

“In 2010 I met Lucas, who was born and raised in Paris, and, after five years together living in Sydney, we wanted a change for both our careers and personal life,” Jessica says.

Her move to the city of love in June 2015 inspired the name of her new business, This June, which acts as a platform for Jessica to combine her skills of makeup, hair and illustration.

Jessica Grumley

Photo: Louise McFadden

“Although This June is an umbrella for different artistic categories, they are categories that are still very much related,” Jessica explains.

“My skills used in illustration, in understanding line, contrast, colour and composition, aid me with my makeup work. This also applies to my constant exposure to so many different faces for makeup application. I am able to draw the human frame and bone structure with realistic detail,” she continues.

Photo courtesy of This June

Photo courtesy of This June

With the craft of fashion illustration only getting more and more popular, Jessica is hoping to stand out amongst the crowd of hair and makeup artists with her extra talent.

“I think an interest in all things fashion has increased and therefore the illustrations of this world intrigue viewers. Also, in a generation that is now so heavily dependant on social media and technology, I think a hand created artwork has become increasingly refreshing.”

Photo courtesy of This June

Photo courtesy of This June

Jessica’s clients now include social events, boutique brands, consumer products and personal orders, and she is currently working on three privately commissioned works for residential and office decoration.

Although illustration is a new and exciting venture within her portfolio, Jessica still has as much love and passion for her hair and makeup work.

In fact, she lent her makeup skills to the wedding of blogger Anna Dawson of The Balloon Diary, who similarly left her life in Sydney to try her luck in Paris. 

Photo: supplied

Photo: supplied

With Jessica’s own August 2016 wedding coming up in the French countryside, and the idea that she may only stay in Paris for 2 years, she’s setting her sights on the makeup work in the film industry abroad while she can.

“The French film world is colourful and something I am passionate about,” she tells us, also noting that Paris Fashion Week is on the top of her to-do list for 2016.

While it’s always sad to lose an Aussie to opportunities overseas, we’ll take pride in the fact that Jessica built a name for herself on our very turf. Best of luck, girl.