5 Ways to Make Small Spaces Look HUGE

Image: Courtesy

Interior designer and co-owner of BoConcept Niki Cheng knows a thing or two about making small spaces appear bigger. After all, she and her five luxury furniture stores are all based in New York City. “The first step to making your small space appear bigger is to declutter,” says Cheng. “Get rid of anything you don’t need or use or that’s seasonally inappropriate.” (If you’re thinking easier said than done, read this.) Once you’re left with only the essentials, Cheng suggests following these five tips for how to make a small room look bigger. And no, you don’t need a BoConcept budget to check off the below tips as they’re all versatile enough to be executed no matter how fat (or lean) your wallet is.

Go Clear

Clear, transparent furniture pieces, especially coffee tables, side tables or dining chairs, are a great way to open up your living room. Furniture made of acrylic, plastic or glass blends perfectly with any modern interior style and helps make any room look clutter-free. By taking up less visual space, see-through furniture creates the illusion of a larger room.”

Install Shelving

“Instead of a bulky bookcase, try installing wall shelving units for storage. By using your wall for storage, you’re freeing up precious floor space, which helps make your room look bigger. Be sure to hang wall shelving that’s either transparent, identical to your wall color or in a light shade to avoid creating a cluttered look.”

Use Mirrors Strategically

“Glass and shiny surfaces are known to bounce natural and artificial light and reflect in ways that give the illusion of larger space. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the placement of the mirror is essential to opening up a room. The best way to create depth and broaden up a room is to hang a mid- to large-size mirror so that it faces or is angled from your window or natural light source, that way it can capture the light and spread it across the room. If your room is small and really cramped, then try adding a single large wall-mounted mirror to really open up the space.”

Embrace the Monochrome Look

“By sticking with the same color scheme (preferably a light shade) and using monochrome color combinations, you’ll create a calm, coherent look for the entire room. Create harmony between your walls, ceiling, architectural detailing and your main furniture pieces by selecting monochromatic shades of slightly different values to add depth to a room.”

Find Multifunctional Pieces

“When space is limited, your furniture should be able to do double-duty. A piece of furniture that can perform two or even three different functions will go a long way in helping you maximize your living space (and save money!). There are sofas that can turn into beds, coffee tables that can lift to become dining tables or desks and beds that have hidden storage underneath. There are so many clever, multipurpose furniture pieces in the market today that will help you maximize your space.”