The Latest Online Dating Craze Offers Free Travel — If You’re Attractive

attractive couple on a boat

image: Getty

Move over Tinder, MissTravel has officially taken the online dating world by storm. Not only does the site involve finding your perfect match, but also traveling the world for free — if you’re attractive, that is. While it may sound more like an escort service, the company assures that “escorts are not welcome.” The site already has 500,000 members and over 320,000 trips have been created. Pretty impressive, right? 

To break it down, there are two types of memberships: Attractive Traveler and Generous Traveler. Pretty self-explanatory, but the attractive traveler has a serious case of wanderlust, but no funds to front exotic trips around the globe. The generous traveler is super wealthy and will pay for travel (hotties only!) in return for a fun travel companion. Both members can create trips, so if you’re the attractive traveler looking to explore Argentina, Prince (or Princess) Charming could very well take note and sweep you off your feet.

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The site claims that “ was built to solve the big travel dilemma, by matching Generous frequent flyers who have the money but lack company with Attractive travel lovers who don’t have the financial resources to do so.” Whatever the case, people seem to be enjoying it. The most frequented destinations on the site currently include Las Vegas, Bali, London, Miami, Cancun, New York, Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Looks like money can buy love after all.

Our only advice: It’s probably best to spend some QT with your travel companion before hopping on a plane overseas. MissTravel recommends using your best judgement and to always “try to meet in a public location and take time to acclimate yourself with your travel partner.”