Date Night or Work Out? Do Both!



Here’s the deal: You’re off on a fitness kick and you’re also trying to maintain your social life. How do you fit in a workout along with an eight-hour-a-day career? Yeah, we promised ourselves we’d get up at 5:30 a.m. to squeeze in a workout before we start our uber busy day, too. But is there an easier way? A better way? We think so. Much like anything else relating to work-life balance, it’s about combining rather than separating. So the next time your partner says it’s date day or night, think about how you can do something that promotes fitness. Any way to bond that can also save you another boring run on the treadmill is aces in our book.


This might sound juvenile to you if you’ve never played, but you might be surprised to find out you still like pursuing, and this game of strategy is one of the most fun ways I’ve ever gotten to chase after a boy. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (the balls do sting) and you’ll bond over a few innocent bruises. And you’ll peak the interest of any partner who loves a challenge and enjoys competition. Show him (or her) your inner strength and get your guns ready. Paintball guns, that is.

Driving Range 

One date-approved way to get some exercise, and hit some balls, is the driving range. Sure you can play nine or 18 holes as well, and really up the exercise ante by being your own caddy. But we find the driving range is faster as well as more accessible than a full golf course, and just as fun. Hire a pro if both of you have never played. See who can hit the ball the farthest with the loser buying a pitcher of brew to combat the thirst you worked up practicing your swing. 

Yoga (With or Without Clothes)

Yoga classes can be expensive, right? If your significant other happens to be a macho guy, he may shy away from doing it publicly. But you can get your stretch on at home, too. Pop in a yoga DVD and watch each other bend and twist. You’d be surprised how an at-home yoga session can work itself into a bedroom session, if you catch our drift. Make it super sexy by ditching some or all of your clothes. You might also find there are a few laughs to be had together when one position proves to be hilariously difficult.

Hit the Wall 

Rock climbing is standard on many couples’ activity lists. Indoor studios abound in urban areas, and of course, if you’re lucky enough to actually live near tall rocks, it’ll undoubtedly be a day to remember. But rock climbing isn’t the only way to hit a wall, so to speak. Handball and squash are twists on standard games that really work up a sweat and aren’t played every day. Check into local health and fitness clubs for court times. You can play handball against any public park wall, too. 

Swim Fan 

When was the last time you went swimming? Swimming is an activity so many of us stop doing after grade school, and we forget how much fun it is. If you’ve got access to a pool divided into lanes (like at a health club) and you have yet to partake, you’re missing out. Use your guest pass and get your date to come for a dip. Make it competitive with a few casual races to the opposite end. Of course, rounding up a few kids at a neighborhood pool and getting a classic game of Marco Polo going is another way to have fun in the water.

Bike and Dine 

More and more cities are offering bike share programs, which means you don’t need to spend $500 buying a bike to get in on an awesome partner activity. If your city doesn’t offer bike sharing, look on Craigslist or ask friends if you can borrow (it’s worth it). Pick a bike path or a place to ride to and then plan a dinner afterward. If you can do it all on the bike, that’s even better. If you’ve got to make a pit stop at home first, there’s always a couples’ shower to look forward to.

Surf and Turf 

You might be surprised what pops up when you google your town and “surfing lessons.” We assume it’s just the lucky ones in California who have access to this body-ripping activity. Not so. Even in New York City, we’ve got a few surf schools to pick from working out of Rockaway Beach.