High and Proud: 8 Celebrity Stoners Who’d Love to Legalize Marijuana


Since Colorado and Washington legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the push to legalize the substance on both a medicinal and non-medicinal level has gone into overdrive. Pot is making headlines these days and what could possibly be the most affirming show of support for the marijuana lobby comes from The New York Times, whose editorial board is publishing a series advocating for its legalization, likening the current drug laws to Prohibition. 

Marijuana is trending everywhere, and folks are becoming increasingly more open about their use of the herb. A Colorado pot-themed wedding covered in The New York Times recently made headlines — the bride carried a bouquet flourished with marijuana leaves while the groom and his men rocked cannabis leaf boutonnieres. Oh, and included in party favors for the guests? A joint and weed-infused lip balm. Just this month, New York State legalized the use of medicinal marijuana. This year, President Obama publicly stated that pot wasn’t any more dangerous than alcohol.

But although legalization seems to have tremendous support from the public, the image of marijuana users as being ungroomed schlubs is still at large. But not all pot smokers are rolling around in tie-dye T-shirts and paint-splattered khakis! You can smoke herb and still have an appreciation for fashion. Just ask these next 8 sartorial stars, who admittedly love to toke, but also love to turn it out in the fashion department.