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What We Know About Isabelle Cornish’s Healthy Diet

After following Isabelle Cornish's Instagram for quite some time, we've learned a thing or two about what goes into that toned body of hers. The Puberty Blues star always seems to have that glow about her, and while there's definitely something in the genes with those Cornish sisters, we're guessing she's giving her body a whole lot of love with all the best nutrients, too.

Luckily for us, the self-confessed lover of all things fitness and health shares her eating and drinking habits with all who follow her account. Here's what we've learned from this rising Aussie star.

How She Prepares

Not many of us would be nearly as busy as Cornish, yet she still finds time to prepare her own meals, like these vegan salads with quinoa, chickpeas and veggies. When she can't do it on her own, she chooses The Living Lunchbox, a company that delivers wholesome, healthy lunches every Tuesday.

What She Drinks

When she's not on holiday drinking coconut water straight from the plant, she turns to her other favourites, including Pressed Juices Almond Mylk ($9.50) and Coconut Water by Raw C ($82.88 for a 1L 12 pack).

For cleansing and detox purposes, Cornish turns to 100% natural and organic Skinny You Tea ( $41.99) or Lucky You Cleanse 5 Day Juice Cleanse ($350). "Drinking fresh juice is so good for your body and once you start you can't go without it," she wrote on her Instagram

What She Eats

Cornish loves her veggies, whether it's a fresh red capsicum for an afternoon pick-me-up, a homemade blended smoothie or a corn cob on a Balinese beach. Other things she likes to eat include fruits like bananas and organic blueberries and granola.

Her "Cheat" Treats


Contrary to what we may like to believe, celebrities are actually real-life beings who can't stick to a super-strict diet at all times. So when Cornish does stray from her fruits and veggies, she does so with a clear conscience.

Because she's quite the chef, Cornish sometimes gets recipe inspiration from magazines like Women's Fitness to make treats, including a raw, sugar-free chocolate slice. When she's on the go, she'll grab a Slurpee Zilched with less than 1 percent sugar, a dairy-free, low-fat chocolate almond milk or Pana Chocolate Fig + Wild Orange snack ($6.50).

To keep up with Cornish's eating tips, plus gain insight into her exercise regimen, make sure you follow her on Instagram.