DIY Beauty Boosters: Splitting Hairs with Ryan Nickulas

Celebrity stylist Ryan Nickulas (catch him on The A-List New York on Logo TV) gives us the dish on living a fabulously beautiful life in Splitting Hairs: Ryan Nickulas' Guide to the Luxe Life, his new column for The Fashion Spot.


Hi Sugars and happy May!

If you’re anything like me, life is often moving at an overwhelming pace and sometimes, the first thing to fall to the back burner is pampering you. Don’t fret: you can still get on-trend hair all on your own, no salon appointment necessary! Recently, I did a segment with Hoda and Kathie Lee on DIY beauty boosters; even if you missed it or were lost on a few of the key tips, you’re in luck. I’ve got all the get-gorgeous step-by-step secrets right here (Psst! Check out the video here.) //>

Hollywood Fave: Ombre //>

Dark to light, roots with lighter ends, whatever you want to call it, this color trend is EVERYWHERE from the red carpets to the city streets. Translation: you want to wear it and yes, you can do it without a pro’s color magic. //>

Rachel Bilson ombreDrew Barrymore ombre

Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore rock ombre hair. images: Fayes/Vision/

Get It: Start with a drugstore box of color and here’s the secret: add whatever conditioner is currently in your shower to the bleaching mix. The next crucial tip is diving hair in sections. Clip a section back and tease strands with a comb. This will help when you begin applying the color. Paint the panel of hair, just near the ends, allow the lighter hue to develop and rinse out as normal. //>


Bang Basics //>

Kate Moss bangsCan't make it the salon, but your fringe is driving you insane? You can self-snip as long as you proceed with caution. First, be sure to invest in quality hair-cutting shears—you can find them for under $10 at local beauty supply stores. Always cut bangs when they’re dry—damp tresses will shrunk up once dry and most likely, you’ll be left with too-short fringe. //>

Get It: For fuller fringe, begin above the iris of one eye and work toward the other, cutting hair on an angle. Clip into the bangs area in small pieces—you can always take more if needed, but you can’t add it back once it’s been cut! If you want swooping bangs, you’ll move in the same iris to iris motion, but you’ll begin cutting from above the bridge of the nose. For longer bangs that can be either tucked behind the ear or pulled into a ponytail, you’ll trim at the tip of your upper lip. //>

Extensions Course //>

Ditch the daydream and stop thinking extensions are for the mega rich! You can make your own custom hairpieces for a fraction of the cost. What you’ll need: good quality hair pieces from your local beauty supplier, toupee clips, a needle and thread. //>

Get It: Make sure the hair wefts are high enough quality to have them colored and/or cut to your preference without looking unnatural. You’ll take a small toupee clip and sew in the base of each hair weft. Voila! A customized set of hair extensions that are uniquely you. Wear the pieces all at once or just a few; no matter the amount, you’ll love experimenting with your new length and bombshell volume. //>

’Til Next Time!//>