6 Latinas Who Have Spoken Up About Not Being ‘Latina Enough’

There’s a particular notion attached to Latinas who don’t speak fluent Spanish or look a certain way, which leads many fellow Latins to unfairly criticize them. “Not being Latina enough” is something many have had to deal with, especially famous celebs that don’t fit a certain mold. While it couldn’t be further from the truth, it can still be hurtful and cause an internal identity crisis. Many of Hollywood’s A-list ladies — namely those among second, third or fourth generations of Latin families who have grown up more assimilated to American culture — have been ridiculed for lack of fluency or for not speaking out more about their culture. But many, from Gina Rodriguez to Demi Lovato, talked back against the harsh critics to defend their culture and how they choose to represent it. Read on to learn about six outspoken Latinas who won’t let haters bring down their heritage.