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We all get a little nostalgic when it comes to our childhood. The love and joy we felt for everything new, the possibilities of what we could accomplish, feelings of safety in our own home. My favorite time was curling up in bed with my favorite Teddy and reading stories to him at night. He represented everything that was good in my childhood, and I felt like nothing could go wrong as long as he was by my side.

TOUS has managed to bring back those feelings of youthful innocence with their new Fall/Winter 2009 jewelry collection that includes the signature TOUS Bear. A soft, matte and gold shine combination designed in a sweet, petite outline of your favorite stuffed animal will bring you back to those amiable days, while looking fashionable and elegant. 

The TOUS bear is for the chic, stylish woman with a delicate, sweet side as seen in the pearl bracelet.

Matching gold TOUS bear earring studs look sophisticated and classic while keeping your favorite companion close by.

As trends come and go, the TOUS collection is timeless and will become more than a part of your jewelry collection. It will bring a little bit of comfort and joy to you while keeping close a favorite childhood secret and friend.


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