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You may know Brandon Flowers as the front man of the Killers, and also the guy who always wears those crazy jackets when he performs.  Lately, Flowers’ fashion sense has been gaining much attention, ever since he debuted his black Dolce & Gabbana jacket, customized with pheasant feathers by British designer “Mrs. Jones” (also known as Fee Doran), during the time of the release of the band’s newest album, Day & Age.

The jacket, adorned with feathers on the shoulders, as well as a large pin on the front pocket, sparked the change and transformation of Brandon Flowers’ style from past years.


Flowers has gone through plenty of “wardrobe” changes, playing around with his look with each album release.  He started off his musical career with the Killers wearing the infamous “guyliner” as well as many pieces from Dior Homme, when Hedi Slimane was still designing for the line.  Some of the pieces include three track jackets, one with a snake print, which Flowers is often seen wearing, as well as a red Seargent Pepper style jacket, of the same silhouette, and yet another with an sparkling animal print, that was never shown on the runway.  Note that Kanye West also owns the first two of these jackets…is there some stylish competition here?

Also during the Hot Fuss era, Flowers wore more pieces by Dior Homme, including a few other jackets, a burgundy peacoat, a salmon-pink leather blazer, as well as a light blue blazer, with black lapels, which Flowers wore during the Killers’ first Glastonbury performance in the UK, cementing them as an exceptional act into the world of music.

Moving into the Sam’s Town era, the Killers’ second album, Brandon’s style moved West, as did the feeling of the album.  For their sophomore effort, the Killers went back to their American roots, differing from the British-pop influences from the band’s first album.  Flowers started growing a moustache, as well as wearing bootlace ties and wider-leg pants.  The change in style was quite apparent.  The look stayed until a few months before the release of the Killers’ third album, Sawdust, consisting of B-sides from previous records.

In the months leading up to the release of the band’s third studio album, Day & Age, Brandon Flowers won British GQ’s Most Stylish Man Award ’08, wearing a white jacket with fringe on the shoulders.  When the album was released, more and more of Flowers’ glitzy jackets started appearing on stage.

At the Coachella festival in April, where the Killers headlined, Flowers wore a black blazer, again with feathers, but black this time – with sequins, of course.  Flowers once said, “I’m from Las Vegas! I can’t understand why more people don’t wear sequins.”  In the “World we Live In” video, Flowers wore another blazer, silver with silver sequins all over, and combat boots with silver appliqués on the toes.  Brandon Flowers’ style continues to evolve as the Killers grow as performers.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.