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Avarice, according to those who know (otherwise known as the knowledgeable folks at Merriam-Webster’s), is defined as “excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain”.  My own definition would include the fashion related phenomenon of lusting after a variation of what you already own.  This is an occurrence that takes many forms, be it a closet full of jeans whose only variance is their wash or pocket placement, dozens of almost identical t-shirts, or (in my own case) enough coats to last an eternity of winters.  

I blame it on the hunt for perfection; it’s the sartorial equivalent of finding Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now.  Mr. Right Now (in fashion terms) is usually close to what you’re looking for, near enough to justify the cost, and to fill the void in your wardrobe until a more satisfying substitute turns up.  The only problem is that, as new Mr. Right Nows appear, the older items are rarely removed.  To continue the analogy, we’re essentially sharing an apartment with every boyfriend, lover, husband, and one night stand we’ve ever known.  Chaos is bound to ensue. 

Breaking up (as they say) is hard to do – but it’s a little easier when you can send your former love to eBay and get a little something back on the deal.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.