Fashion News


When the email hit my Inbox announcing Net-a-Porter’s iPhone application I have to admit that I uttered a little groan.  “Oh no”, cried my frugal inner voice (the one that tries to dissuade me from impulse purchases and other financial outlays that I will come to regret in the, not so distant, future), “do I really need to be able to buy $600 suede shoes or a $1,650 flannel dress when I’m sitting on the bus or waiting in line at the post office?” 

The answer that even my conspicuous consumer inner voice (the one that considers shopping as a hobby) had to give was “no”.  No one really needs this application.  There are a lot of people, however, who will really enjoy it because, say what you will, a lot of thought was put into its development.  It’s easy to maneuver around in and, like the clothes that it’s attempting to sell, it has a crisp and polished veneer.

All the details are there, right down to the “Unfortunately your shopping bag is empty” message that pops up when you are playing around trying to figure out what all the symbols at the bottom of your screen mean.  Suddenly, you feel like you have made a social gaffe, like using the salad fork to prong your fillet mignon, a faux pas that should be remedied immediately…by buying something.