Fashion News


Jennifer Lopez will no longer be selling her contemporary sportswear brand, Sweetface, in the United States. After six year run no further shipments are expected, but the plug – unfortunately or not, depending on your stance on the bedazzled velour wears – hasn’t been pulled completely. A rep for the company said that in line with further developing a new strategy, Sweetface is going on hiatus as they “prepare to reintroduce the brand in the near future with new messaging points and an entirely new fashion point of view.” No more details were given.  


It is hard to believe that only a few years ago there was an immeasurable amount of hype for the singer/actress’ line. JLO was launched in 2001 back when celebrity-designed fashion labels had just begun to enter the mainstream apparel market. Now, JLO by Jennifer Lopez branded costume jewelry and shoes are the only remaining remnants of the former empire still available in the U.S. Lopez also oversees a number of fragrances – six perfumes have been launched with Coty Inc. to date, and a seventh one will be introduced later in 2009. 

Lopez, who rarely (if ever) wears her namesake apparel these days, is hoping that overseas sales will fare better than they have stateside. Her line is produced and distributed in 40 countries worldwide and there are 38 freestanding JLO stores operated under franchise abroad.