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We may be in the middle of a recession but one thing will always stay the same – Sex and the City (or Carrie Bradshaw) still sells.

While it may not arrive in an oversized box that has to be wheeled in on a trolley, all fashionistas dream of a large designer gift arriving on our doorstep which we would lovingly unwrap, getting swept up in the glamour of it all. So it comes as no surprise that a cocktail version of Carrie Bradshaw’s elegant Vivienne Westwood wedding dress has sold out “almost instantly” – even with a £4,530 price tag at

The Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Lily wedding gown features a shorter more versatile hemline making the dress perfect for a summer outdoor wedding, black and white ball, or even as a wedding dress.

This is the first time the dress has been available outside of getting one custom made by the Westwood made-to-order service, so if you missed ou,t keep your fingers crossed that it gets restocked on soon.