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City banker turned design genius, Osman Yousefzada is favoured by various celebrities and style icons such as Kate Moss.

"Everything that I did before has been part of a journey to where I want to be. I always wanted to create and make clothes from an early age." – Osman Yousefzada

The Central Saint Martin’s graduate’s design aesthetic is multicultural, but still very British. A fusion of cultures, which comes together to form looks which are intellectual, modern and yet still wearable. And he definitely utilized those characteristics in his latest collection.

This signature midriff-revealing design and sharp tailoring were first to be noticed and appreciated, with a touch of Eastern influence. It was easy to recognize his aim of “a wearable form of futurism” with the innovative, futuristic colour palette. It was then that we understood the silver metal mobile suspended above the entrance to the catwalk.

Wool dresses in a pale colour palette with a knee length silhouette were worn with matching tights and sculpted platform ankle boots was the epitome of “sci-fi chic”. The exquisite colours emphasized Yousefzada’s attention to detail and beautiful tailoring. Pleat fronted trousers and easily some of the most covetable coats this season, Yousefzada boasted clean cut design and excellent taste.

And to accessorize these looks, exquisite jewellery is definitely in the cards. 18 carat gold snake vertebrate necklaces remind us of his Afghan heritage and add a multicultural flavour to the outfit. Art Deco-inspired neck pieces and sequin embellished tops are favoured for the magpies and bling addicts among us. And the handmade gold aviators definitely left an impression on us too.

Neck ruffs, waffled fabrics, and clean, futuristic lines make this fashion forward collection highly stylish and match the upcoming trends. The shades of grey are battled with exciting silhouettes and definitely prove that Osman Yousefzada has still got it.  In this time of credit crunch and recession, no one can wait for the future, be it next Autumn/Winter or the next decade. And Osman Yousefzada has provided us with style, sharp tailoring and strong design in a collection that is truly a wearable form of futurism.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.