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Jil Sander can always be counted on for simple, classic A-line dresses, linear cut blazers, pants, and skirts, but this season while all the staples were there, the collection was spiced-up with some looks that featured awe-inspiringly delicate sculptural details and pops of color.

Of particular note were a tangerine dress with a protruding form on the side, a black one with a similarly protruding red collar, and contrasting colors in, for example, the lining of dress and its outer layer coming together to snake around a model’s body. 

This season Raf Simons truly succeeded in delivering a covetable collection for the unadventurous, but wholly fashion-conscious set that have long followed the Jil Sander brand, but simultaneously Simons infused his own stamp and flavor for some more fashion forward, curvaceous pieces (as he’s done with menswear), that have the potential to expand Jil Sander’s following to include a whole new audience. 

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.