Preach: 7 Fashion Lessons We Learned From Actress Ruth Negga

If you live and die by Vogue (hey, they don’t call it fashion’s bible for nothing), then you’ve just been formally introduced to actress and sure-to-be style icon Ruth Negga courtesy of the mag’s January 2017 cover. But if you’re like us, the Ethiopian-Irish rising star has been on your sartorial radar for a while now. She’s getting tons of praise for her breakout role in Loving — with a Golden Globe nomination and an almost guaranteed Oscar nod to boot — and she also stars in AMC’s TV show Preacher.

Ruth’s style can best be summed up as quirky yet striking in a retro/modern fashion, both on and off the red carpet. She loves to take risks and, short locks notwithstanding, she has a different hairstyle for every day of the week. Despite being a relative fashion newcomer, Ruth has already imparted quite a few style lessons upon us, from how to make sure a statement dress doesn’t wear you to why winged sleeves need love too. To get schooled in her style, just take note of the seven key tips and tricks highlighted above.