We Talk to Brad Goreski About the Oscars, His Kylie and Kendall Obsession, Fashion Police and More

Brad Goreski

Courtesy: Diet Coke

With New York Fashion Week getting into full swing and the Oscars around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better time to chat with celebrity stylist extraordinaire Brad Goreski. The bespectacled stylist, who has done the seemingly impossible by escaping the shadow of his former boss Rachel Zoe, is as dapper and affable as you’d expect from his television persona. While he has a long list of celebrity clients, including Jessica Alba, Christina Ricci and Stacy Keibler, you may be surprised to learn that he’s obsessed with the Kardashian/Jenner clan and hopes to get his styling tentacles on Kendall and Kylie.

Check out our exclusive video to find out more about Goreski’s favorite trends, behind-the-scenes insight and which celebrity he thinks always kills it on the red carpet. 

On the Oscars:

“Well, award season I think for every stylist is pretty crazy, but the Oscars is definitely the most insane; it’s really the red carpet, too, where everybody looks for what the trends are going to be, so that week leading up to the Oscars and the day of the Oscars everybody in Hollywood is focused on that one thing[…] I have a very edited solid rack for them [my clients], but we usually find the dress they’re going to wear within the first five gowns we try on. So after we find that gown, then there’s multiple fittings to make sure that the tailoring is perfect. We do accessories, we talk about hair and makeup, so there could be anywhere from two to three more fittings after we select the gown.”

On interviewing celebrities on the red carpet:

“I kind of look forward to chatting with anyone on the red carpet. I’m a big fan of pop culture and TV and film, so getting to see some of my favorite stars from those TV shows is always really fun. I got to talk to a lot of the cast of Game of Thrones and you know you see them all dressed up in their period costumes and they’re muddy and the storylines are insane and then you meet them in person and they’re modern!”

On which celeb kills it every time:

“I think the celebrity that kills it every time on the red carpet would probably be for me is Diane Kruger. I think Diane Kruger looks beautiful every time she walks out the door. She just has an effortless chic to her where she can wear the most crazy fashion-forward looks, but still make it look super aspirational.”

On how to look great on film and in pictures:

“You really do need to have good hair and makeup.”

On Spring 2016 trends:

“There are a few trends I’m really loving this season. I love color; color’s always one of my favorite trends. I’m also loving the accessories. There are so many strong accessories for spring, so whether that be a colorful shoe, a printed scarf, I think accessories are a really great way to incorporate the trends into your everyday wardrobe.”

On celebs he’d love to get his hands on:

“For personal style, I’m kind of Kylie and Kendall obsessed like everybody else. I think they have really great street style and a very strong red carpet presence.”