Fashion’s Finest Launch QVB’s Swarovski Christmas Tree

While we’re trying not to think about how quickly this year has passed, the truth of the matter is, Christmas is fast approaching. Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building has already gotten into the spirit, kicking off retail’s busiest season with the launch of an all-new Swarovski Christmas Tree.

QVB Christmas Tree

QVB’s latest installment stands at 26 metres and spans over three floors, winning the title of Sydney’s tallest Christmas Tree. If that didn’t make anything you’ve put presents under feel inferior already, then add over 82,000 sparkling Swarovski crystal ornaments and 65,000 twinkling lights topped by a dramatic 2.2m wide crystal gilded star and that should do the trick. It weighs over 6.5 tonnes!

You’ll be upset to know that guests like designers, fashion editors and bloggers didn’t whip out ugly christmas sweaters for the event, though. In fact, there was nothing particularly Christmas-y about any of their get-ups, except for some reds (but no greens added for full-blown Christmas cheer), and ornament-like metallics.

Check the looks out in the gallery above. 

Photos courtesy of QVB