Nicky Hilton Explains Her Instagram Game

I love Instagram. It’s a great way to connect with people and give my followers a peek into my life. I want to invite my fans and followers to experience my world and I do that by posting all the things I love: traveling, food, fashion and… cats! Because I want to give you guys a real-life look at my day-to-day, my Instagram page is curated by me and only me. I never have anyone do my social media for me – I think it’s a little obvious when people outsource their social media duties. It comes off as inauthentic and for me, it defeats the purpose of trying to bring people into my life.

Now, since I’m committed to keeping it real, I’m not going to act like I’m some sort of selfie queen. I’m not. I haven’t exactly nailed down the side button trick that everyone says you’re supposed to take pictures with! Fortunately, my sister Paris is helping me brush up on my selfie skills. She gave me a Lumee, which is a cell phone case that has lights on the sides so when you take your selfie, the lighting is on point. It’s like a mini flashlight for your cell phone case and, as we know, sometimes taking selfies (especially when it’s dark) can be tricky. After all, getting a good picture is all about having the right lighting.



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I love using Instagram to document my adventures as I travel. One of my favorite places to visit is Paris because I just love checking out the flea markets. They make for great photo ops and, of course, they’re also so fun to shop. My favorite things to buy when I’m abroad are charms. I’ve had a charm bracelet since I was very young, so I’m constantly looking in different flea markets or antique shops for vintage charms – especially good luck charms. I love four-leaf clovers, evil eyes, horseshoes – I’m kind of superstitious!


Special delivery! My wedding dress has arrived from

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When I have time, I love to scroll through Instagram – who doesn’t? I follow a lot of my family members as well as artists and photographers. I also love following food bloggers, but I had to unfollow a few because their pictures were making me way too hungry all the time! Also – guilty pleasure – I love following those comedy accounts that post funny videos and Internet memes. They’re hilarious and who doesn’t love a good laugh?

Check out my Instagram @nickyhilton to get a peek into what it’s like to be me.


Reunited at #NYFW 

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