The day started with an “In Conversation” session with Colin Mcdowell, Gareth Pugh, Katie Shillingford of Dazed & Confused and Matthew Stone, speaking about Gareth’s design ideas and their collaborations.

Describing his working relationship with Katie, who is the stylist for his shows, as “organic”, Gareth mentioned that working with her has been a very easy process where discussions have never been serious.  It is more about their sharing of ideas, the attitude and the freedom to interpret.

Gareth also spoke about how he doesn’t design for a specific group of people. He emphasized that he is not a lifestyle designer, but he has been trying to learn about  people want.           


Moving on to the show, it is the first time that his Fall ’09 collection has been presented on the runway, together with his menswear collection.

The audience finally got a taste of the looks from video to reality. The highlight of the show was the ‘poccupine’ pieces with many pins and needles sticking out of the fabric and a black fluid number with chiffon floating at the back.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums and Laila Lu.