Marc Bohan is the French designer who worked as an assistant to Christian Dior until 1958, when Yves Saint Laurent – who was at that time the Christian Dior fashion director – was drafted by the army into the Algerian War of Independence.
At that time, Marc Bohan was given Saint Laurent’s creative reigns. Saint Laurent never resumed his role.  He, along with his partner Pierre Berger, sued Christian Dior for breach of contract (he claimed Dior promised to keep his job for him while he went to war). The French courts sided with Saint-Laurent and with the money the famed designer received from the lawsuit, he opened his legendary namesake design house.
For his part, Bohan is credited with expanding the Christian Dior brand into children’s wear, men’s wear, and the Miss Dior range, which targets a younger demographic. The French designer stayed at Dior until May 1989, when LVMH fired and replaced him with Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré.
Bohan’s impact on the fashion world has been immense. He played an influential role in the house of Dior for nearly 30 years and he is being honored with an exhibition called “Dior: The Bohan Years”.  This is slated to open Friday, May 1st at the French fashion house’s museum in Granville (a town on the Normandy coast).
The exhibition will run through September 20th and will be the first to trace Bohan’s work and feature the prominent women he dressed. Jackie Kennedy, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Maria Callas, and Princess Grace of Monaco are just a handful of the ladies Bohan dressed in Dior.
The exhibition will feature approximately 60 couture looks along with accessories, perfumes, artworks and design objects.  
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.