Forum Buzz: Blake Lively is Dressed to Impress; Emma Stone is Awkward on Elle

Blake Lively wearing yellow Chloe

Emma Stone July 2011 Elle CoverEmma Stone’s Canary Elle Cover

We all know Emma Stone had a brief stint with blonde hair and is now (thankfully) back to her red roots, but the team over at Elle managed to catch her in time to try out the blonde-in-a-yellow-dress-with-red-lips formula on her for their July cover. The formula may be one that typically works, but I’m not sure that it does the trick here, since the stylist seems to have gone a bit too literal with the canary-yellow feathered dress that made it onto the cover. 

The Fashion Spot forum members who have chimed in thus far are glad to see Emma Stone on the cover, but everyone seems to find fault in one thing or another. “I wish she had her beautiful red hair on the cover, but I'm happy to see her on such a big magazine,” wrote Luxx.

“Her face and head look a bit scrunched, like she's trying to ‘fit in’ the cover,” blueorchid noted, before adding, “I like it and I like seeing newer faces on covers.” Handbag Queen agreed, posting, “A fresh face for them… always a good thing!”

So, even though we’re all glad to see Emma’s fresh face on the cover, we would have liked to see her presented in a different way; and by different I mean more natural. Give us Emma with her red hair and more comfortably posed. There’s no need to try so hard with someone who is already so likeable. The try-too-hard awkward pose is also a bit reminiscent of last month’s Elle cover featuring Rachel McAdams. Is this an unintentional pattern we’re detecting? Again… no need to force it with someone who is already so likeable. That should be the new mantra over at Elle.


Blake Lively Dressed to Impress

In other “blondes wearing yellow” news, tFS forum members were able to tear themselves away from discussion about Blake Lively’s nude photo scandal long enough to admire her surprisingly demure Chloé ensemble. 

Blake Lively wearing yellow ChloeBlake Lively yellow Chloe full

Judleberry is a big fan of the new, more toned down Blake Lively. “I absolutely LOVE the yellow dress,” she wrote. “Hands down, best she has looked in as long as I can remember. Demure, classic; perfection. I think [the recent scandal] has made her grow up a lot and I think her style is reaping the rewards in bucket loads.”

Godsavethhequeen also loved Blake’s new look. She gushed, “Wooooooow that dress is perfect for her!!! That color is amazing on her!”

Lacroix called it “one of her best looks,” saying, “If her event style was actually like this, I would probably love her style.”

Keep it classy Blake, it’s working for you.


Kristen Stewart is Predictable

“I'm gonna bet 50 bucks that [Kristen Stewart] will wear a strapless mini to the Glamour [Women of the Year] Awards,” Nico Cameo predicted. If anyone actually took her up on that bet they’d be out $50 right now. 

Kristen Stewart in Balmain strapless mini dress at Glamour awardsKristen Stewart at the MTV movie awards in Balmain

Dressed in yet another strapless Balmain mini dress for the Glamour Women of the Year Awards (she wore a red safety-pin adorned version to the MTV Movie Awards last weekend), even Kristen’s fans are getting bored by her style. “Poor girl is stuck in a style rut,” wrote LolaSvelt. ForChicSake declared, “She's a complete snoozefest.”

Sill thinks “[Kristen] should just fire her stylist,” and jun3machina agrees. She wrote, “I feel like she's on a fashion loop. Same shape/different print/same dress/different color.”

I think it’s safe to say that it’s time for Kristen Stewart to mix it up a little. And by “mix it up,” I don’t mean throwing on a pair of sneakers with her strapless mini dresses, because that’s been overdone and become expected of her as well.


Elle cover courtesy of elle.com, Blake Lively images courtesy of wireimage and tifan, Kristen Stewart images courtesy of WENN.com and tifan.