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Tiffany & Co. Makes It Easier to Know the Source of Your Diamond

More than ever, brands are coming clean about where they source their materials and how they manufacture their products. Tiffany & Co. is the latest to step up, opting to be more transparent about where it sources its diamonds. Upon purchasing from Tiffany & Co., a certificate will include the origin of all newly mined diamonds. 

Tiffany’s chief sustainability officer, Anisa Kamadoli Costa, and senior vice president for diamond and jewelry supply, Andy Hart, initiated the Diamond Source initiative. “We are ushering in a new era of transparency for diamonds. This is something we have long been working on — the sustainable, vertical integration of our supply chain,” Kamadoli Costa said. “It’s the first step in the process.” The next step for the company is to provide the same transparency for its colored jewels. Hart said that it is challenging to trace the source of where colored jewels come from, but they are determined.

Tiffany’s announcement comes at a critical time in the diamond jewelry industry. According to WWD, “The market for lab-grown diamonds is only strengthening — particularly among Millennials who are averse to diamonds’ conflict-riddled past.”

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