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This Ohio Graphic Designer Turned His Braids Into a Colorful Louis Vuitton-Inspired Work of Art

Ever loved a brand so much you found a way to make it your hairstyle? Magnus Juliano, 27-year-old rapper and graphic artist, just stunned and amused everyone on the internet with his Louis Vuitton braids.

The Louis Vuitton charms were made with a 3D Printer in Eat Crow Studio and his hair was styled by Ciera Jackson. Juliano said that it took six months and multiple tries for his idea to become a reality.

Juliano told Vogue that his look pays homage to his African-American roots as well as Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh: “African American roots are rich in hair jewelry and headdress—it’s our fabric. I chose [to pay tribute to] Louis Vuitton because of the impact [the brand has] had on art and design, but from the perspective of designers like Dapper Dan, who didn’t have access to [luxury brands], yet still made hip hop couture using their likeness.” Adding, “Virgil, a brilliant black streetwear creative, is helming one of the biggest fashion houses in history. That representation makes me feel like the sky is the limit!”

If you enjoyed seeing Juliano’s fun braids, there are more looks on his Instagram, including Legos and feathers. 

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