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These Are the Top Colors for 2016, According to Pinterest

The fashion industry is officially cheating on Instagram with Pinterest. The social media app is a treasure trove of style inspiration with over 5.6 billion fashion ideas and 1.2 billion beauty ideas pinned in 2015 alone. Four months into the year, Pinterest analyzed user activity to identify the most pinned colors of 2016. And their findings may surprise you.

Judging the dominant color of each hair pin, they found that lavender enjoyed a 30 percent increase since December, dark green jumped 30 percent this year and dark blue is picking up speed with a 25 percent increase. Interestingly, those colors are in line with the 10 hues that made the Pantone Fall 2016 list.


Image: Pinterest via Fenzyme

Fashion didn’t stray far from Pantone’s predictions either. Pastels were a major hit as blush pink grew 20 percent this year, with a 100 percent increase specifically in the month of February. Rose quartz, one of Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year, jumped by 200 percent in February. Pinterest users are also leaning toward mint green: it’s seen a 40 percent increase since December.


Image: Pinterest via Lynn Chalk

Men’s fashion and home decor is predictably more subtle. The colors of choice for men’s fashion are astronaut blue, which increased 100 percent this year, and chambray, which jumped 25 percent since December. For home decor, it’s all about gray and mauve. Gray saw a 20 percent boost while mauve enjoyed a 70 percent increase.

So, there you have it: pastels rule, borrow your boyfriend’s chambray shirt, gray is the new neutral and lavender hair is officially having a moment — just in time for spring.