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Anti-Beyonce Protest Rally Turns Into Total Beyhive Lovefest


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It’s official: everyone digs Beyoncé and all that she does. Well, everyone minus about three people who rocked up to Tuesday’s “Anti-Beyoncé Protest Rally” in New York, initiated as a stand against the “Formation” singer’s 2016 “race-baiting” Super Bowl performance.

Of the three attendees was a guy named Ariel Kohane, who pulled out any and all excuses to justify the poor turnout. “Some of us are surprised that there are only a couple of us out here today,” he told The Cut.

People display a placard outside the National Footbal League (NFL) headquarters in New York on February 16, 2016, to protest against US signer Beyonces performance at the 50th Super Bowl.

Photo: Getty

“It is scheduled from 8 to 4 p.m.; it’s a business day. Also, the weather. The rain turned a lot of people away. You know, 6 p.m. would be a better time. Even lunch time — 12 p.m., 1 p.m.”

But time, weather or Bey’s message wasn’t an issue for the Beyhive, who came out rain, hail or shine and outnumbered the protesters completely. Yep, it somehow turned into a Pro-Beyoncé rally in the sweetest kind of coincidence. 

Even the third protester to show up, April Bedunah, who arrived because “people need to hear that they [cops] are loved”, was able to be morally swayed by Bey’s supporters. You can see her in the “Police” beanie in the video below. 

“I have cop friends … of all ethnicities,” Beyhive member Tajh Sutton told April. “And I pray for them because I worry for them, especially my black cop friends. Because race permeates that shit, too. Have you heard about any white cops in the last five years getting indicted for the murder of a black person?”

April replied, “I understand her perspective; I definitely do. I’m going to tell my friends that they need to respect the community. They need to reach out to them and instead of being one side or the other, we need to come together.”

Beyhive = 1, Anti-Beyoncé = 0.

[Via The Cut]