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ICYMI: Derek Zoolander Gives Vogue a Tour of His Apartment, Answers 73 Questions

Derek Zoolander

Photo: YouTube

has interviewed everyone worth their salt in the industry for its 73 Questions video series, so it makes perfect sense that they’d get personal with the mag’s February 2016 cover star, Derek Zoolander.

Considering the promo trail for this film has been saturated, understandably, we thought we’d revisit this LOL-worthy video with only days left until Zoolander 2 finally hits cinemas. ICYMI, Derek, played by Ben Stiller, treated the fashion bible to a tour of his really, really ridiculously good looking apartment, which is by no means a centre for ants.

Giving some comedic value to what is usually a serious and revealing interview, as displayed by the models, designers and actresses before him, like Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively, Derek attempts to respond to his “Who Am I” question by answering the mag’s quick fire questions the best way he knows how.

Considering we should be pretty fed up with the length of this promo trail by now, this video is actually pretty hilarious. If you got lost in the marketing marathon and missed it, watch it for yourself below.