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Watch: James Corden & Cindy Crawford Hilariously Parody Her 1992 Pepsi Commercial

James Corden and Cindy Crawford

Photo: YouTube

James Corden delivered so much more than Carpool Karaoke for his post-Super Bowl edition of The Late Late Show on Sunday night, recreating Cindy Crawford’s famed 1992 Pepsi commercial, alongside the gravity-defying supermodel herself.

The TV spot is wildly similar to the original (especially considering Cindy looks just as smokin’ hot as she did over 20 years ago) until the vending machine gets jammed and James saves the day, repping the same white singlet and denim cut-offs as the 49-year-old beauty. 

Unlike Prince Charmings before him, though, James takes the treasure all for himself and sculls the whole thing like the true hillbilly he appears to be channelling. We think his belch at the end is really the icing on the cake, but you can compare the two in the videos below.