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Why Scott Tweedie Keeps His Relationship with Model Girlfriend Georgia Berg Private

Georgia Berg and Scott Tweedie

Photo courtesy of BONDS

TV presenter and all-round babe Scott Tweedie has been with his girlfriend, model Georgia Berg, for over two years after meeting through a mutual friend, but the high-profile pair have kept their relationship pretty private up until this point.

Although they regularly hit up events together, like Marquee’s Yelloween this Saturday night, Scott tells theFashionSpot that they avoid using social media when they’re together. “We just like to maximise our time together with each other,” he explains.

Plus, unlike most of the population, they don’t necessarily think they need to prove anything or over-share like others. “We don’t feel the need to let the world know how much we love each other or how much fun with have together,” he says. “That’s for us to enjoy.”


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However, he does admit that sometimes he just can’t help himself because he feels so darn blessed to be with Georgia, who is signed to four modelling agencies throughout Australia and the UK. “From time to time I do love a little boast on social about how lucky I am to have Georgia,” he says, believing that he’s “batting way above” (oh STAHP).

Scott did reveal to us that dating a model has opened his eyes up to the world of fashion, and admits that his wardrobe was triple the size of hers before doing a bunch of Vinnies runs to narrow it down. With the couple living together, he really did have to keep Georgia’s wardrobe needs in mind too, but now he understand that “keeping it simple and having good basic pieces that work together well is important.”


Finally squeezing in our anniversary lunch with my darling @stweedie 

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Both Georgia and Scott will be at Marquee’s Yelloween event this Saturday night from 10 p.m. with Scott hosting alongside The Loop co-host Olivia Phyland. He wouldn’t tell us what he’s dressing up as, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Johnny Depp has been seen in similar attire at one point.