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Mick Fanning is ELLE Australia’s First-Ever Male Cover Star

Mick Fanning and Jessica Hart Cover ELLE Australia November 2015

Photo: ELLE Australia

Front covers of major fashion mags are usually reserved for celebs or in-demand models kicking serious goals, but ELLE Australia has made some space for professional surfer and all-round badass Mick Fanning for its November 2015 issue.

Taking out the crown for the publication’s first-ever male cover star, Mick poses alongside gap-toothed beauty Jessica Hart for the shot. Heck, he even cops a feel to the ol’ chest from the Victoria’s Secret model, making the prize all the sweeter.

A video of Mick dodging death went viral earlier this year (below), with the Aussie sports star punching an oncoming shark trying to attack him at the final of the J-Bay World Surf League event in South Africa. He was already a hero (and yes, a bit of a babe) in everyone’s eyes, but the dangerous situation and act of courage only reaffirmed previous opinions of him.

You’d think that nothing would scare you after getting physical with a shark, but Mick admitted to ELLE Australia that he was pretty bloody terrified about posing topless for the shoot. 

“I was shitting myself, to tell you the truth,” he explained. “I’m used to shooting wetsuits and boardies and stuff, but next to Jess with no shirt on and this white skin? I was worried the glare might damage her eyes.”

He also showcased charming Aussie blokery in the behind-the-scenes clip, laughing about the fact that he has “no style”. He said, “I don’t really have much style. I just see clothes and put them on.”

Mick’s pretty stoked to get the cover spot, though, as you would. “It’s a privilege. Normally you don’t get an ugly surfer to be on the cover, so, yeah, it’s pretty awesome.”

Oh STAHP IT, Mick. Nothing about you is ugly. In fact, we think you’re pretty darn beautiful, inside and out. 

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