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Donald Trump Mannequins Are Taking Over Alexis Bittar’s Store Windows

Donald Trump is a front-runner in the presidential race but that isn’t stopping his detractors from speaking out. Alexis Bittar joins the chorus of Trump critics by dedicating his store windows to the Republican candidate. The displays feature larger-than-life papier-mâché models bearing Trump’s head, orange tan and famous combover. The mannequin dons a money-print suit and gazes adoringly at his reflection in the full-length mirror in a nod to Trump’s vanity. The mannequin’s only redeeming quality? Great taste in jewelry (it’s wearing Alexis Bittar bangles and necklaces, of course).

Trump’s likeness will appear in the window displays at Alexis Bittar’s NYC, Boston, Washington D.C. and West Hollywood stores. Designer Alexis Bittar explained the Trump takeover to WWD: “I’ve been increasingly disturbed by the popularity of Trump in our country and some of the more insane things he’s said. I decided to channel my energy and use our creative talent to have a comedic commentary on his vanity coupled with a dash of Halloween craziness.” Knowing Trump, we’re sure he’ll be flattered.

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