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Sam Frost ‘Gutted’ Over Daily Mail’s Spoiler, Channel 10 Takes Legal Action

Sam Frost and Sasha

Photo: Channel 10

The Bachelorette fans absolutely lost it last night when Daily Mail Australia published photos of Sam Frost and winner Sasha Mielczarek just hours before the show’s finale. 

The photos of Sam and Sasha cuddling by the window at Sydney’s Darling Hotel were published on the Daily Mail Australia website just after 5 p.m. yesterday, spoiling the ending for viewers who had waited five weeks for the results. reports that Channel 10 quickly filed an injunction in the Supreme Court of New South Wales to have the photos and subsequent article removed from Daily Mail Australia‘s social channels and website.


Sam Frost and Sasha have a special message to share with you all! #BacheloretteAU

Posted by The Bachelorette Australia on Thursday, 22 October 2015

The order states that the British-owned website be banned from republishing the same pictures and content, and that Channel 10 is looking to file a summons in court seeking relief over the publication of the images and article, plus filing fees.

It is understood that Daily Mail Australia was informed about the injunction at around 8 p.m., after The Bachelorette finale had already started airing and the damage had been done. 

Leading lady Sam was “absolutely gutted” when she found out about the spoiler via social media. She told KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O this morning, “Fans on my Instagram were like, ‘I don’t even want to watch the show, it’s spoiled’. So many people (were commenting) and I was like, ‘What is going on?’ and then I checked The Daily Mail and I’m like, ‘You’re joking’. They’re not allowed to take photos inside are they?”


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Sasha said Sam was distraught when they first spoke to each other about the published photos. “It was so bad. I called Sam up and she was hysterical, the poor thing, and the crew and everyone worked so hard and to be spoiled two hours before,” he said.

Sam and Sasha were actually in the hotel room for a shoot to be released today, which is what the photos on Daily Mail Australia were of. Sam said she is upset that someone had “tipped someone off” after working “so hard” to keep her romance with Sasha a secret, but she also feels a violation of privacy. “We were ten floors up and they’re in a building opposite with a huge lens. It’s really scary,” she said.


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Meanwhile Sasha and Sam are the cutest things ever and we can’t wait for them to get married and have so many kids. Cheers to love, you guys.

UPDATE: Channel 10 dropped the injunction against Daily Mail Australia at 2 p.m today. “Network Ten applauds the decision of the Supreme Court to grant the injunction last night,” it said in its statement [Via Mumbrella]. “At Ten’s initiative we have sought the injunction be discharged given that it has completely served its purpose.”


If Channel 10 chose to fight and keep the injunction, there was a high possibility that the network would end up facing a very expensive legal bill.

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