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Richie Strahan Goes Bananas for Former Miss Universe Renae Ayris

Our hearts broke in two when Sam Frost sent Richie Strahan home on last night’s The Bachelorette, but you’ll be pleased to know he’s still single and ready for that four-letter word. We do kind of wonder, though, other than Sam, who is Richie’s type?

Speaking to Popsugar Australia, Richie hesitantly admitted that he’s got a bit of a keen eye for local model Renae Ayris, who hasn’t been linked to anyone romantically since she broke up with AFL player Tom Bellchambers last December.

“You know that Renae girl? Renae Ayris? She’s like a Miss Universe Australia…,” Richie replied when asked if he has a “celebrity crush”.

Renae Ayris

Photo: BELINDA ROLLAND/Fashion Palette

Cute that he considers her a celebrity when he’s probably more recognisable than her right now, but he implied that the infatuation started well before his television experience.

“Oh my God. Ages and ages ago, I followed her on Instagram and every now and then I’d just see a picture of her head and I’d be like, ‘My God! It’s incredible!’ and then I’d have to put my phone away. She’s out of control!” he laughed. 

Sigh. That’s kind of the way we feel when you come up in our news feeds, Richie.

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