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Gwen Stefani’s Urban Decay Makeup Palette Is Finally Here (and It’s Awesome)

Don’t freak out but something epic happened today on Instagram. With one stealthy social media post, Urban Decay announced it’s teaming up with none other than Gwen Stefani. Yes, the patron saint of cool girls everywhere is working with the coolest brand in makeup. That sound is the Internet shattering into a million pieces.

The collaboration yielded a 15 eyeshadow palette personally handpicked by Gwen. It features a surprisingly versatile range of colors from soft neutrals to bold shades of blue and bubblegum pink. We can already see Gwen wearing the blue shadow to match her new blue hair color in true rocker fashion. As for the nude shadows, what else would she wear with her signature cat eye and red lip? The colors boast names like “Harajuku,” “Punk,” and “Blonde” and come packaged with gold hardware and trendy black and white stripes. Could it be any more perfect?

Founder and Chief Creative Officer Wende Zomnir gushed on Instagram: “After countless hours of collaborating and talking makeup with Gwen Stefani, here it is! Gwen is a true makeup junkie and was so much fun to work with to create this palette! #UDxGwen.” Shop the new UDxGwen Palette starting November 22, just in time for the holiday season.

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