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Beyoncé Undertakes Her First Print Interview in 2 Years, Please Prepare Freak-Out Accordingly


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We know people freak out whenever Beyoncé joins forces with a magazine; her Vogue September Issue cover was proof of that. What makes her latest shoot for Beat so special, though, is that she’s opened herself up to an interview, something that she didn’t even do for the fashion bible.

Queen Bey hasn’t taken part in a print interview since 2013, because, well, when you’re the centre of everyone’s universe you don’t need any extra press. As Beat explained, she’s “a woman who prefers to let her music and performance do the talking”, but we’re so glad she’s embraced the sit-down chat, because her latest words of wisdom are just glorious.

Although the mag doesn’t come out until tomorrow, October 21, we’ve all been treated to a little preview of what we can find inside. From how she likes her pizza to what she’d dress up as for Halloween, Bey has really gone wild on, you know, the important stuff. Check out what we learned about the real-life god below.

On success and fear

“What does fear taste like? Success. I have accomplished nothing without a little taste of fear in my mouth.”

On which Beyoncé she’d rock for Halloween

“Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’ era with the army fatigues. Or maybe ‘Bootylicious’ with the gold tooth and pink tips in my hair.”

On what she sings in the shower

“‘Holy Ghost’ by Kim Burrell.”

On whether she prefers Netlfix or chill

“Netflix and chill.”

On the last song that got stuck in her angelic head

“‘Jugg’ by Fetty Wap”

On how she likes her pizza

“Extra tomato sauce and jalapeños.”

You can also check out shots from her hot-as-all-hell shoot, which sees Bey getting patriotic in a one-piece swimsuit (holding a chicken, mind you) that would put both Kris and Kylie Jenner to shame, right here.

[Via Beat]